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CheckSavers - for the personal user...

CheckSavers is a totally new payment method that you can use for making all your payments. With the convenience of our online system, you can now make immediate or scheduled payments to individuals or businesses to pay your bills, subscriptions, purchases and even shop online. Our online system allows you to add all your checking accounts to one easy to use profile even if you bank with several different banks. With us, one size really does fit all!

Simplifying how you make payments

After signing up with us (for free) you can simply add your checking accounts and payees to your profile. Our system produces a check draft and automatically mails it to the payee of your choosing, on the date that you specify. They can then deposit the check in exactly the same way as if you had hand-written the check and posted it yourself. The key benefit here is that you can log in to our secure system and schedule the check to be mailed at a predetermined time. It's quick, simple, secure and right for you.

Buying Online

The CheckSavers payment option is already starting to appear on websites as an alternative to credit card payments and when you see this option, you can make online payments securely with CheckSavers without passing sensitive personal information to the merchant's website. You only ever need to pass your personal data once to CheckSavers for all your future online payments.

CheckSavers - for the personal user
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Quick Sign Up

Submit your details through our Quick Sign-Up process. On average, most users complete our sign-up process in less than 5 minutes.

We will verify your identity - to avoid fraud and identity theft, we carry out a full authentication process on your details.


Add / Download Payees

Once signed up, you can add Payees and Bank Accounts to your CheckSavers account. You will enter this information in a secure environment to ensure that any data you enter is kept confidential and protected by the highest level of security at all times.


Start using CheckSavers

You're ready to go! Set your payment schedules or one off payments.

CheckSavers is the fastest growing Payment System in America today. Join the winning payment system today.

How does it work?
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How much does it cost?
About CheckSavers
Fee Structure

It may come as a complete shock to you, but in fact our service is incredibly cheap.
See below for just how cheap we really are...


No Sign Up Fee


No Monthly Fee


No Annual Fee


No Other/hidden Fees

So, what does it actually cost?

The only fee you pay is a $1 Per Transaction Fee.

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The Benefits for you
Check Savers offers speed and efficiency

Take control of your payments and keep the money in your account longer!

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