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For US Payments!

Our eCheck and ACH solutions are for US Payments only and have these requirements:

US Registered Company
We only process payments for Businesses Registered in the United States
US Bank Accounts
Our payment mechanism will deposit your funds into your US Bank Account - we do not transfer funds overseas.
Accept Payments from US Customers from US Bank Accounts
Our fraud prevention solutions require that the payments we process come from US Customers drawn on US Bank Accounts.
Merchant Services
Low Rates
No Reserve or security required
Extremely Fast approval
NO Chargebacks
Fast settlement times (0-1 days)
Access to a larger online customer base
Use your existing bank relationship
Safe, secure and easy to use
Merchant Services
Business Types Rates
Business Types Rates
Adult 4%
Travel 2.25%
E Commerce 1%
Health 1.1%
High Risk unclassified 5%
Financial Services 2%
Digital web hosting etc 2%
Online dating social networking 2%
Timeshare 5%
About CheckSavers
Innovative Payment Solutions

When you write out a check tomorrow, chances are you will never see that check again. That’s because your bank may never get the actual check you wrote. Instead of your original check, you may see what’s called a substitute check, that is, a copy of your original check.

In 2004 the U.S. government passed a law that brought check payment methods into the 21st century. Known as Check 21, this payment standard was designed to address the logistical issues and clearing times associated with the daily transportation of physical checks between banks. The sheer number of checks being transported on a daily basis was growing exponentially creating a system that was no longer efficient. Check 21 is viewed as a way to make check processing easier and less expensive for the financial industry.

Building on the Check 21 standard, CheckSavers has developed online technologies to bring you a significant step closer to a near perfect payment system. CheckSavers' years of experience in the Payment Industry coupled with our use of an exclusive Check-21 technology, not available elsewhere, delivers the perfect solution combining a payment method that has stood the test of time with the emerging technologies of the 21st century.

About CheckSavers
Some of the many benefits of CheckSavers...
Innovative Payment Solutions
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