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CheckSavers Business
CheckSavers - for your business...
CheckSavers - for your business...

Many businesses pay for the services and products that they buy with check because quite simply, it is still the best way to send and receive in a business to business environment. The popularity of this method reflects its appeal in the business community.


Imagine being able to schedule a payment to be made on a given day in the future without having to remember to write the check and send it in time, a few days before the payment is due.

Imagine being able to raise checks for regular payments payments that would leave your account only at the last minute so that you pay on time.

Imagine being able to make urgent, one-off or unscheduled payments by logging into our secure servers from any internet enabled PC worldwide.

Now imagine being able to do all this using the same bank accounts as you already have and with ease, securely.

With CheckSavers, you can do it all..

CheckSavers allows you to do all this by logging in to a secure interface and scheduling payments from your existing bank accounts, to payees that you set up.  Pay staff salaries, your suppliers, pay your utility bills and pay your taxes. On average, it takes about 20 minutes to set up a fully working CheckSavers account.

Simplifying bill payment for your customers

CheckSavers can now provide a convenient way for your customers to pay your invoices at low rates and eliminate chargebacks.

With a CheckSavers BillPaymentTM payment page on the internet or linked to your website, your customers can pay your invoices directly to your bank account without typical bank charges, and funds can be settled typically within 24 hours. The payment page requires virtually no coding and can be up and running within 24 hours.

CheckSavers Business
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Quick Sign Up

Submit your details through our Quick Sign-Up process. On average, most users complete our sign-up process in less than 5 minutes.

We will verify your identity - to avoid fraud and identity theft, we carry out a full authentication process on your details.


Add / Download Payees

Once signed up, you can add Payees and Bank Accounts to your CheckSavers account. You will enter this information in a secure environment to ensure that any data you enter is kept confidential and protected by the highest level of security at all times.


Start using CheckSavers

You're ready to go! Set your payment schedules or one off payments.

CheckSavers is the fastest growing Payment System in America today. Join the winning payment system today.

How does it work?
About CheckSavers
How much does it cost?
About CheckSavers
Fee Structure

It may come as a complete shock to you, but in fact our service is incredibly cheap.
See below for just how cheap we really are...


No Sign Up Fee


No Monthly Fee


No Annual Fee


No Other/hidden Fees

So, what does it actually cost?

The only fee you pay is a $1 Per Transaction Fee.

System Features
Making a check payment through CheckSavers
CheckSavers vs Other Brands
Comparison Products
Check Services CheckSavers TeleCheck ECheck.net PayPal
Processing Method Check 21 ACH ACH ACH
Funds Deposited o - 1 days 3 - 7 days 3 - 7 days 3 - 7 days
Administrative Returns
Chargebacks Limited
Business Checks
Accepted by all US Banks
Customer Data Verify
New user Instant Credit
Integrated Collections
Payment Guarantee Optional
Note: Additionally, CheckSavers works with 15% more checking accounts than ACH, and up to 80% more Business accounts than ACH.
Payment Scheme Comparisons
Comparison Products
Payment Schemes CheckSavers Nacha VISA
Project Acquiring Costs
No Chargeback Fines
No Account Termination
Minimal Chargeback Risk
Full Payment Guarantee *
Funds Deposited 0 - 1 days 3 - 7 days 1 - 4 days
Returns Period 30 days 180 days 2 years
Returns Supports Merchant Consumer Consumer
Governing UCC NACHA Scheme Rules
Returns Paperwork CheckSavers Merchant Merchant
Connectivity Benefits Direct to Federal Reserve Bank and ACH 2 banks and card scheme networks
Returns Supplied in Less than 30 days Up to 180 days Up to 2 years

Note: *Optional

The Benefits for you
What Check Savers can offer your business

Payments like a credit card but with none of the drawbacks!

Who's using CheckSavers?
Useful Information

Top uses for CheckSavers Business

Paying Employees' salary (paycheck)
Businesses to Business Payments, including paying your suppliers and service providers
Scheduled payment of Insurances
Scheduled payment of Professional memberships and other subscriptions
Scheduled payment of Professional memberships and other subscriptions
Payment for Professional Business Services - Lawyers, Accountants
Airline Ticket Payment
Hotel Bills
One off Payments for large purchases
Payment of taxes