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The most popular payment method for online transactions presently is Credit Cards even though this system has inherent problems of security and fraud. However, approximately 80 million US consumers do not even possess a credit card, which means that online businesses lose millions of dollars in lost sales every year because quite simply, they are unable to do business with this huge section of the consumer marketplace. In the US, the preferred non cash payment method is still the Check, demonstrating that people prefer to pay by check over credit and debit cards.

Up to now, the problem has been that online businesses have had no real alternative to offer the consumer, as credit card payment has always been considered to be the norm and simplest solution. CheckSavers is redefining all of the rules.

CheckSavers Merchant Services

Why CheckSavers makes perfect sense for merchants..

Why CheckSavers?
What is the Difference...

How much thought have you ever really given to credit card payment schemes and what do they really mean to a merchant?

Credit card payment

Clearly there are benefits to merchants who accept the multitude of different cards types in the course of their day to day business. With the covnveniences afforded by that small piece of ready to use plastic, can there possibly be any downside? Lets explore the the real nature of credit card schemes...

The upsides:

However, did you know as a merchant you are the one who gets penalized almost exclusively, and here is how they do it:

A merchant is only guaranteed their funds IF the client does not charge back the transaction. Clients chargeback for many different reasons, from being unhappy with the service, to simply not recognizing the transaction on their statement. They can do for typically up to 6 months, but as many as two years!
Banks make it all too easy now for clients to dispute a transaction and then you the merchant has to fight to prove the transaction was legitimate and that the money is rightfully yours. All the time, the funds sit in the client's account and not yours!
Although the payment appears rapid, you will see that in reality, cleared funds are not available for several days.
You feel that you may get a fair 'discount' rate - maybe 1.9%, for example. Did you know that this rate only applies to those transactions which 'qualify' for this rate? In fact only about 5% of all cards will attract the rate at the top of your agreement - all the others will be 'mid' or 'non' qualified and therefore you can expect to pay as much as 4% in some cases. This is a fact. There are 86 pages of different card types in the USA today. Corporate cards, business cards, rewards cards . . be wary of them because these are the ones that cost you.
As a business taking credit cards, you cannot forecast your budget, because you simply have no idea what your fees are going to be each month. It's simply impossible.
CheckSavers Merchant Services

Merchant website or Call Center captures transaction data.


CheckSavers receives data and generates X9.37 image (RCC).


Federal Reserve receives aggregate batch then debits account holder′s bank and credits Merchant′s bank.


Cleared funds available in 0 - 1 days.

How does it work?
About CheckSavers

In Just 5 Simple Steps


CheckSavers debits merchant′s account for acquiring charges 48 hours after initial presentation of transaction.


Merchant′s Bank

Integration Methods

Both XML API and Virtual Terminal available.
Simple HTML single webpage script available.
OS Commerce module.

Refund Options

Merchant can make their own refund / rebate arrangements or Check Savers can provide this service through our secure check production center. It works with any bank in the USA. API function as well as manual.

Merchants can batch upload all out-going payments which will be dispatched in physical check format on highest security check stock. Auto Email notification of refund to clients so they know when a refund has been dispatched.
A Typical Schematic for Larger Companies
Useful Information
A Typical Schematic for Larger Companies
How much does it cost?
About CheckSavers     

The model is priced as follows...


Competitively priced transaction and discount rates to save you money.


NO charges for declines.


Fraud scrubbing (includes Star ATM, negative check writers database, check current open status of account, check positive balance) -
    From $0.15 this is priced at cost and therefore is not negotiable.
    This service is optional.


Returns typically cost $15.00, made up of:
- Bank's direct cost (not CheckSavers).
    - CheckSavers processing fee of $3.00.


Check Savers offers a FREE collection service paying 75% or more of the face value of the check to merchant upon collection.


Transaction payment guarantee is available these are charged at a discount rate to be determined on a case by case basis. See next column.


CheckSavers debits merchant’s account for acquiring charges 48 hours after initial presentation of transaction.


Refunds cost are low. The CheckSavers refund mechanism is robust and can also be used as a bill pay tool.

Payment Guarantee

System Features
Making a check payment through CheckSavers
CheckSavers vs Other Brands
Comparison Products
Check Services CheckSavers TeleCheck ECheck.net PayPal
Processing Method Check 21 ACH ACH ACH
Funds Deposited o - 1 days 3 - 7 days 3 - 7 days 3 - 7 days
Administrative Returns
Chargebacks Limited
Business Checks
Accepted by all US Banks
Customer Data Verify
New user Instant Credit
Integrated Collections
Payment Guarantee Optional
Note: Additionally, CheckSavers works with 15% more checking accounts than ACH, and up to 80% more Business accounts than ACH.
Payment Scheme Comparisons
Comparison Products
Payment Schemes CheckSavers Nacha VISA
Project Acquiring Costs
No Chargeback Fines
No Account Termination
Minimal Chargeback Risk
Full Payment Guarantee
Funds Deposited 0 - 1 days 3 - 7 days 1 - 4 days
Returns Period 30 days 180 days 2 years
Returns Supports Merchant Consumer Consumer
Governing UCC NACHA Scheme Rules
Returns Paperwork CheckSavers Merchant Merchant
Connectivity Benefits Direct to Federal Reserve Bank and ACH 2 banks and card scheme networks
Returns Supplied in Less than 60 days** Up to 180 days Up to 2 years

Note: *Optional
Note: **98.97% of all returns occur within 60 days. Stats from 2009 to May 2016.

The Benefits for you
Payments like a credit card but with none of the drawbacks!

What Check Savers can offer your business

Who's using CheckSavers?
Useful Information

Top uses for CheckSavers Business

Paying Employees' salary (paycheck)
Businesses to Business Payments, including paying your suppliers and service providers
Scheduled payment of Insurances
Scheduled payment of Professional memberships and other subscriptions
Scheduled payment of Professional memberships and other subscriptions
Payment for Professional Business Services - Lawyers, Accountants
Airline Ticket Payment
Hotel Bills
One off Payments for large purchases
Payment of taxes

Top uses for CheckSavers Personal